Application from Kwindu - Druid

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Application from Kwindu - Druid

Post by Rakeemdruid » 24 Jun 2019, 03:43

A user, Kwindu, has applied with the following information using the application form.
Character name: Kwindu
Class: Druid
Why should we choose you and what is your reason for applying?:
You should pick me because im always ready to do whats best for my guild. Throughout BoD, i've been raiding as MW monk, Resto Shaman and Resto Druid because the guild needed it. I can pretty much play whatever the guild requires in order to have the best setup possible. Besides that, im a nice guy, trying to learn how to optimize my own gameplay all the time through data etc.
Age: 27
Country: Denmark
Battle tag: Senity#21949
Raid Role (healer/DPS/tank): Healer mainly. Can play elemental, shadowpriest and boomkin.
Link to armory profile: ... her/Kwindu
Link to wow progress: - -øtya
Link to logs: ... artition=2 - ... ther/gøtya
Link a screenshot of your raid-UI (
Most notable alt (link armory):
Why are you leaving your current/last guild?: We've progressed Jaina for the past 2 months with changing roster every raidday. We cannot make a full raidteam at this point, which is why i want another challenge.
Why do you want to join Santa Maria?: I don't know any of the current roster, so im applying for another challenge and another roster.
What is your raiding experience this expansion?: 7/8M Uldir and 8/9M BoD - didn't progress Crucible at all.
When did you start playing WoW?: I've played since Vanilla on and off.
Do you have a reliable PC & connection?: 3k euro computer from 2018 - it'll do it. 50/50 internet connection.
Are you comfortable speaking on Discord?: Yes.
Do you know anyone here who can vouch for you?: I do not know anyone at all.
Anything you would like to add?: Looking forward for a respons. :-)
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Re: Application from Kwindu - Druid

Post by Euphori » 25 Jun 2019, 11:08

Hi @Kwindu

Thank you for your application to Santa Maria, unfortunately we are going to relive your application as we have just accepted another Resto Druid trial.

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Re: Application from Kwindu - Druid

Post by whatasham » 27 Jun 2019, 10:32

Hi Kwindu
The other Druid has left the guild without notice. No idea why.
So, to the extent you are still interested, we’d be happy to offer you a trial.

I’ve asked Euph to contact you on bnet/discord

- Sham
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