Application from Tèmpèst - Demon Hunter

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Application from Tèmpèst - Demon Hunter

Post by Tèmpèst » 06 Feb 2019, 23:40

A user, Tèmpèst, has applied with the following information using the application form.
Character name: Tèmpèst
Class: Demon Hunter
Why should we choose you and what is your reason for applying?:
I consider myself a decent player ive been playing my class for about 3 years now and i can safely say i know the ins and outs of it , during progress im only focus on making sure kills happen as clean as possible , i applied to santa maria cause i think this would be a good place for me to keep on improving and pushing for higher ranks with a guild.
Age: 21
Country: Romanian
Battle tag: tempest#22699
Raid Role (healer/DPS/tank): dps
Link to armory profile: ... mp%C3%A8st
Link to wow progress: ... mp%C3%A8st
Link to logs: ... spec=Havoc
Link a screenshot of your raid-UI (
Most notable alt (link armory): I got no alt ready for any kind of progression at the moment but i have a rogue that i can get ready atm if need be.
Why are you leaving your current/last guild?: I left my last guild because i felt like the attitude of the raid leader wasnt in a good spot regarding fight strats so instead of just arguing i decided to leave.
Why do you want to join Santa Maria?: Im looking for a place that is more focused on progression more than my old guild used to be and looking at ur progress currently id say its a stable place to be in going forward
What is your raiding experience this expansion?: Ive been a member in Valued last tier reaching rank 522 on ghuun , i didnt help on the entire progress cause i was unable to beacause of some familly issues i had to take care of.
When did you start playing WoW?: At the beginning of Legion
Do you have a reliable PC & connection?: Yes i do
Are you comfortable speaking on Discord?: Yes i dont have any issues with speaking or having conversations over discord
Do you know anyone here who can vouch for you?: I think the most fit person to vouch for me is my former gm from valued , you can contact him Gletscher#21387
Anything you would like to add?: Im a open minded person regarding progress and i mostly play for the sake of the kill rather than the logs
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Re: Application from Tèmpèst - Demon Hunter

Post by Sov » 07 Feb 2019, 00:25

Hey @tempest, thank you for applying to Santa Maria. Sadly we have to decline your application as we are currently not recruiting any melee.
We wish you the best of luck in your search for a new guild.