Application from Anypotaktos - Paladin

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Application from Anypotaktos - Paladin

Post by anypotaktos » 08 Jan 2019, 04:33

Character name: Anypotaktos

Class: Paladin

Why should we choose you and what is your reason for applying?:
In real life and consequently in the game, I like to set hard goals aiming to reach them(most of the times succesfully!). I have a competitive personality, I always love a good challenge.Since you see me applying for your guild,you can be absolutely sure that i will bring quality into your healing team.Having been a healing officer,i am completely aware of the factors that matter to a team for becoming even better: Teamwork and cooperation! Healing is all about preparation. Healing is an art and even though there are many healers who can press their buttons properly, being prepared beforehand is key. For Uldir, I spent around 25+ hours testing and preparing and I had my healing team ready for nearly all raid bosses even before heroic was released.
I know my holy spec inside out and i have a very good overall knowledge regarding a healing team and how it can work as efficiently as possible.Moreover ,i can absolutely separate the needs of progressing from farming/logging.
Last but not least, i always strive to become better by doing my own research for my class and for the upcoming tier.Right now for example , i have watched nearly every Guide/PoV videos from beta regarding Battle of Dazar Alor and i am already triyng to test the timers , spots and talends for each boss fight specifically.

The reason for applying for your guild is because i am sure i will be a very valueable accession for your roster.

Age: I am 27 years old.
Country: I am from Greece.
Battle tag: Anypotaktos#21953
Raid Role (healer/DPS/tank): Healer.

Link to armory profile: ... nypotaktos
Link to wow progress: ... nypotaktos
Link to logs: ... nypotaktos
Link a screenshot of your raid-UI (
Most notable alt (link armory): I dont have any alts in this expansion mainly because of the position i hold in my last guild (healing officer).Having a lot of work to do for being absolutely ready for raid(ert notes, healing cds and ofc maximazing my performance) as well as having a hard schedule at work,left me with no time to deal with an alt(we also didnt require any alts for split runs).Even though , my alt in legion was resto druid.

Why are you leaving your current/last guild?:
My last guild was Imminent(EU TN-414 world rank) where i held the position of healing officer for the whole uldir.Unfortunately,due to our raid leader joining the army in addition to lack of players for the next tier,we came to a disband.

after imminent, i got accepted from Unknownerror (rank 207 world) but some problems occured regarding leadership.The GM quited the game and some players from the roster did too.They had to deal with some strungles going on there , so the stability of the guild didnt covered me at all.They were under a mess as the officer told me.

Right after, Adapt guild reached me(6 hours raiding/week-275 world rank) and i got accept for a trial spot.The reason they didnt take me in the end,was due to their main holy paladin who had said he quits WoW, caming back to play with them again.

Why do you want to join Santa Maria?: The main reason is that i am in search of a long standing guild with a good world rank(compared to how many days they raid always) and a profesional leadership along with a mature and skilled roster.I believe you have all of the above mentioned.

What is your raiding experience this expansion?: Uldir 8/8 mythic.

When did you start playing WoW?: I am playing wow since vanilla where i started with a rogue.I was very young back then so i didnt take the game very seriously.I had a break from WoW for 2 expansions due to my university schedule(Pandaria and WoD).

Do you have a reliable PC & connection?: Absolutely.

Are you comfortable speaking on Discord?: Yes i am , since this is a very important aspect of progressing,communication.

Do you know anyone here who can vouch for you?: No, i don't.

Anything you would like to add?: Worth saying that i have played up to nearly 2.5k arena as holy paladin.

A very important detail also is that all of my logs/performance were done playing at super low graphics(all in 1-2/10) with 25-30 fps at maximum (and many times fps drops)due to having a bad PC.Since the last month i bought my brand new PC and i am sure i can push my performance to the limits!
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Re: Application from Anypotaktos - Paladin

Post by Euphori » 08 Jan 2019, 12:38

Hello Anypotaktos,

Thank you for your application to Santa Maria. We currently have a hpala trial who will begin his trial when the next tier is released, so unfortunately we will be declining your application.

Feel free to check back within a couple of weeks to see if anything has changed, and youre still looking for a guild. We wish you the best of luck in your guild search.