Application from Alorian - Mage

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Application from Alorian - Mage

Post by Alorian » 23 May 2018, 22:01

A user, Alorian, has applied with the following information using the application form.
Character name: Alorian
Class: Mage
Why should we choose you and what is your reason for applying?:
I'm a chilled out guy, with a love progression raiding. I offer experience, high attendance and solid performance.

I've spent a few weeks now, researching guilds I found on wowprogress, with the goal of finding one that seems to hold the same philosophy as myself. Santa Maria is the first guild I felt was worth an application.
Age: 39
Country: UK
Battle tag: Alorian#2947
Raid Role (healer/DPS/tank): DPS
Link to armory profile: ... /wizlorian
Link to wow progress: ... /Wizlorian
Link to logs: ... /wizlorian I played DH for the majority of the expansion, so will provide these logs also ... ingzone=10
Link a screenshot of your raid-UI (
Most notable alt (link armory): ... or/alorían during Legion and ... lorian/pve in previous expansions,
Why are you leaving your current/last guild?: During Legion, my current guild has lost a lot of good members, that were not always replaced with equally good people. This has impacted both the guilds efficiency and atmosphere which seems to be acceptable to them. With the final tier now clear, I felt that I needed to find a new home before BFA, one I hope has the same expectations I do.
Why do you want to join Santa Maria?: I like what I read on wowprogress and the guilds goals seem to a-line with my own.
What is your raiding experience this expansion?: All raids cutting edge, except ToS. Had several 1% wipes on KJ, but Antorus release hit before the guild killed him.
When did you start playing WoW?: Vanilla
Do you have a reliable PC & connection?: Yes
Are you comfortable speaking on Discord?: Yes
Do you know anyone here who can vouch for you?: No
Anything you would like to add?: Just that I tend to get along wiht the majority of people I meet. I respect other peoples opinions and use critisim as means to improve. I'm loyal, which my guild history clearly show. Thank you for taking the time to consider my app and I shall look forward to your response.
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Re: Application from Alorian - Mage

Post by whatasham » 30 May 2018, 12:18

Sorry for the no response - we are currently trialling 3 mages whose trials will last into BFA. So unfortunately we wont be able to trial another one at the moment.

- sham