Application from Neniri - Druid

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Application from Neniri - Druid

Post by Starbuck » 18 May 2018, 00:10

A user, Neniri, has applied with the following information using the application form.
Character name: Neniri
Class: Druid
Why should we choose you and what is your reason for applying?:
I am reliable, ambitious, highly competitive, friendly but direct, flexible and a decent tank. You need a tank, I need a guild, let's talk!
I am applying to you, because Kazzak is a good server, your raid times and days suit me very well and your progress is what I am looking for :)
My damage logs might not be orange, I am an old school tank and damage is not my main priority.
Age: 30 (I feel 21, I swear)
Country: The Netherlands
Battle tag: starbuck#21734
Raid Role (healer/DPS/tank): Tonk
Link to armory profile: ... ros/neniri
Link to wow progress: ... ros/Neniri
Link to logs: ... ros/neniri
Link a screenshot of your raid-UI (
Most notable alt (link armory): ... and/Seteda
Why are you leaving your current/last guild?: The guild I am in right now is just not working out for me. they lost a bunch of their players and the progress is too slow (not killed Argus yet), officers leaving mid raid, toxicity in raids, etc...The guild before that fell apart after killing Argus.
Why do you want to join Santa Maria?: You need a bulky tank with fur, so here I am! I am looking for a long-term home that raids at a decent pace and aims high without going overboard. I am confident Santa Maria can provide that :) Plus who doesn't want that guild under their name!
What is your raiding experience this expansion?: My current experience is (before nerfs): 7/7M EN - 10/10M NH - 9/9M ToS - 11/11M Antorus (Aggramar on my dk)
When did you start playing WoW?: Late TBC
Do you have a reliable PC & connection?: Around 12 ms world and home and around 50 fps during raids, rarely dc. Maintenance is something that's out of my control and it does happen.
Are you comfortable speaking on Discord?: Yes, of course
Do you know anyone here who can vouch for you?: Sadly no
Anything you would like to add?: Thank you for taking the time to read my application! Any questions that anyone has, I'd be happy and will do my best to answer:)
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Re: Application from Neniri - Druid

Post by whatasham » 21 May 2018, 21:44

Hey Neniri,
Sorry for the delay. we just took another tank in as a trial over the weekend.
If anything changes we'll get back to you.
Thanks for the interest,
- Sham