Application from Muppet - Mage

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Application from Muppet - Mage

Post by Muppet » 15 May 2018, 02:30

A user, Muppet, has applied with the following information using the application form.
Character name: Muppet
Class: Mage
Why should we choose you and what is your reason for applying?:
You should choose me because I consider myself a fast learner that doesn't make the same mistake twice, as well as somebody who puts the guild before my own personal gain. I'm fine with being sat, don't qq about gear as well as will reroll to any ranged the guild asks for the chances of best progression. The reason i'm applying is because I want to go to a more experienced guild that can have a stable position in the roster, as well as a place I can hopefully stay for a long period of time.
Age: 21
Country: Scotland
Battle tag: Muppet#2270
Raid Role (healer/DPS/tank): Ranged Dps
Link to armory profile: (Usually frost spec for PvE, if i'm in Arcane it's for PvP.)
Link to wow progress:
Link to logs: ... ingzone=13 Previous tiers: ... bracket=-1 ... bracket=-1 ... upp%C3%A9t ... st/moophet
Link a screenshot of your raid-UI ( ... a0-jpg.jpg
Most notable alt (link armory): ... ak/moophet
Why are you leaving your current/last guild?: Left 2 guilds previously because they were disbanding (Hallowed + Praxis). Left Hoax because I didn't enjoy the environment.
Why do you want to join Santa Maria?: A huge selling point to me was the philosophy, the idea of realising the guild only raids 3 days means that people need to take time outwith the set schedule to prepare for fights so every pull counts. The raid environment sounds to me as though it's very jokey/troll in between pulls but as soon as the pulls/progression starts then it's all business. That's exactly what I want to be a part of.
What is your raiding experience this expansion?: Cutting Edge En, World rank 70 Helya Mythic, didn't raid NH, was 7/9 mythic in ToS before stopping raiding but was experienced raiding on FA and KJ, Killed Coven mythic this tier.
When did you start playing WoW?: Been playing on and off since BC, started raiding in EN.
Do you have a reliable PC & connection?: Yes. My pc's fps can get a bit choppy but i restart it before raid. Getting a new one soon
Are you comfortable speaking on Discord?: Yes. I like to have an actively vocal role (when needed) in a raiding team.
Do you know anyone here who can vouch for you?: Nope
Anything you would like to add?: I talked with Ghostoftompa as well as Sham about applying, as well as them considering me on other ranged classes for BFA after my trial.
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Re: Application from Muppet - Mage

Post by whatasham » 30 May 2018, 12:18

Sorry for the no response - we are currently trialling 3 mages whose trials will last into BFA. So unfortunately we wont be able to trial another one at the moment.

- sham